Sr. Maureen Welch’s Update from Thailand!


Sr. Maureen Welch, O.S.U. is in the midst of her immersion experience in Thailand which is a prelude to her participation in the Enlarged General Meeting (EGC) in early October.  (See post from earlier this week).  She, along with Sr. Jane Finnerty, O.S.U., are going to update us as they can with photos, reflections, etc.

“Greetings from Thailand. We finished our meeting of the Asia Pacific region on Wednesday.  It was a wonderful sharing of what is happening in the region, the struggles and plans to be connected for the future.  In the picture are: Irena (Indonesia), Sue Cochrane (Australia), Siphim (Thailand), Huaying (Taiwan), Amanda (Indonesia), and myself.  Yesterday, we had a grand tour of Bangkok.” – Sr. Maureen Welch, O.S.U.