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Become Partners in the Ursuline Global Mission

Students at Saint Angela’s School in Cameroon

The Ursuline Sisters of the Eastern Province are part of an international family of Ursulines known as the Ursulines of the Roman Union – a global community moving into the future and moving into new life. We support the missions of our Ursuline Sisters worldwide.

Saint Angela’s School in Cameroon

We have currently partnered with our Sisters in Cameroon who are running a primary school. Saint Angela’s School was established by an Ursuline Sister in 1993, and has an enrollment of 700 students and 16 teachers. In Cameroon, societal factors and a culture that values boys’ education over girls’ hinders children’s access to education, with only 47.7% of girls attending primary school compared to 56.7% of boys. Since its inception, the school has heavily relied on donations from benefactors who can no longer provide support. Therefore the Eastern Province has stepped in to keep the doors of this crucial institution open.

We invite you to join us in this partnership to further the Ursuline Global Mission.

Provide vulnerable students with a safe, child-friendly environment that encourages learning, creativity, and joy by becoming a Partner in the Ursuline Global Mission. Your partnership will enable us to provide additional resources to Saint Angela’s School for academic and enrichment activities and programs that nurture students’ growth and potential. Proceeds will fund everyday needs and special projects, including:

  • Supplementing tuition costs to help financially strapped parents keep their children in school.
  • Assist in paying salaries for teachers and staff.
  • Purchasing new furniture to increase the capacity of students in classrooms.
  • Remodeling and updating the playground to make it safer.
  • Developing a sports field for students.

For questions or to learn more contact our Development office at (914) 712-0060 Ext. 101 or email at Ursulinedevelopment1338@gmail.com.