“I will take you from the nations and gather you from all the countries. A new heart I will give you and a new spirit I will put within you.” Ezekiel 36: 24, 26

“As communities of faith in mission we respond to God’s gift of a new heart and a new spirit. With the courage of Angela, we dare to be the change we wish to see in our world. In solidarity and compassion, and compelled by the Gospel, we open our hearts to the cries of our earth and its people.” General Chapter, Ursulines of the Roman Union, 2013.

“Act, move, believe, strive, hope, cry out to God with all your heart…” St. Angela, Prologue to the Counsels, 17

As Ursulines, we choose to be actively engaged in the transformation of society, and we open our hearts to undergo a transformation of our own consciousness and actions. As a community and as individuals, we recognize our capability, opportunity, and responsibility to work with organizations and groups to promote justice, peace, and the integrity of creation. We share a vision with other men and women of faith, and in the tradition of the prophets, we have a voice to speak the truth in love.

The International Commission of Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC)

The Ursulines of the Roman Union are sponsors of a global commission known as Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC), which is composed of six sisters hailing from various regions across the globe. Its mission is to promote justice, peace, and environmental preservation on a worldwide scale. Additionally, The Ursulines of the United States have established regional JPIC offices to initiate change on a local level. The Eastern U.S.A. office is located at the Ursulines Province Center in New Rochelle, NY. Each JPIC office collaborates with other advocacy groups to amplify their impact and effect change.

These groups are:

Religious Organizations Along the River (ROAR) – ROAR is a network of religious congregations and organizations concerned with the sustainable and regenerative use of land in the Hudson Valley Bioregion.

North American Ursuline Justice Committee – North American Ursuline Justice Committee comprises all Ursuline groups in North America.

Investor Advocates for Social Justice (IASJ) – IASJ advocates on behalf of a community of investors whose faith-based values promote human rights, climate justice, racial equity and the common good to influence corporations to prioritize these values.

The NGO Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons (CSTIP) – CSTIP is a coalition of non-governmental organizations working together with private sector partners to strengthen the programs and policies of the United Nations and member states that will bring an end to human trafficking in all its forms worldwide.

The Working Group on Girls, (WGG) – a coalition of over 75 national and international non-governmental organizations with representation at the United Nations dedicated to promoting the human rights of the girl child in all areas and stages of her life, advancing the inclusion and status of girls and assisting them to develop their full potential as women. WGG advocate to end gender-based violence, enhance girls’ access to education, healthcare, justice, self-empowerment and economic recognition via peace, security, resources, programs and funding.

UNANIMA International  is a coalition of congregations of women religious with members on all continents committed to work for peace and human dignity in response to the needs of our world by service to our members, to the United Nations, and to other NGOs through collaboration, education, and action in affiliation with the UN regarding women and children, particularly the economically poor, immigrants and refugees and the welfare of the planet.

JPIC information is electronically disseminated through a newsletter, Connecting, which addresses significant social issues, their nature, and responsive activities. Activities include, but are not limited to, letter writing to elected officials of government, demonstrations, information gathering and exchanging, email alerts, prayer services, personal participation, and group meetings.