You can make a one-time gift to the Ursuline Sisters via cash or check. Please make checks payable to The Ursuline Provincialate and mail to:

The Ursuline Province Center
1338 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10804
Attention: Development Office

Online Donations
You can make a gift online using a credit or debit card at any time. The Ursuline Sisters of the Eastern Province accept all major credit cards.

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Matching Gift
Employee Matching gifts are a great and easy way to maximize your impact. Many companies even match gifts made by spouses or retirees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, check with your human resource department. Our EIN number is 13-2728523.

Monthly Giving
Becoming a monthly donor is an efficient and easy way to support the Ursuline Sisters. It provides a steady, reliable stream of income which helps us in fulfilling our mission of prayer and service.

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Stocks and Securities
Donating stocks and mutual funds can bring you tax benefits while helping The Urusline Sisters to fulfill their mission. You can designate The Ursuline Sisters of the Eastern Province as the beneficiary of your Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Excessive Life Insurance, IRA, and more. This type of gift can be especially appealing if you are holding shares that have appreciated significantly in value but yield a low dividend.

Gifts of Real Estate or Personal Property
A gift of real estate, land, vacation home, or personal residence; or collections of works of art may be eligible for the same tax benefits as gifts of securities. An appraisal is required to establish the fair market value of the gift for tax purposes.

Planned Giving
Planned gifts include wills, bequests, real estate, life insurance, and charitable remainder trusts. It is a meaningful way to leave a legacy. If you have already made a provision for The Sisters of the Eastern Province in your estate plan, please let us know, so we may say thank you and recognize your generosity. Our legal title is: Ursuline Provincialate, Eastern Province of the United States, Inc.

Qualified Charitable Distribution
A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) is when you distribute funds from your IRA (excluding a SEP or SIMPLE IRA) straight to a qualified charitable organization – like the Ursuline Provincialate. This means the gift doesn’t pass through your hands, and up to $100,000 of its value can be excluded from your taxable income each year, with some exceptions. To learn about your specific exceptions, it’s best to consult your tax advisor. Our EIN number is 13-2728523.

Who can make a qualified charitable distribution?
QCDs can be made by IRA owners who are age 70 1/2 or older. QCDs made prior to the age you are required to take a minimum distribution from your retirement assets (pre-Required Minimum Distribution QCDs) will not reduce or otherwise impact future Required Minimum Distribution. Your tax advisor can provide additional information on your particular situation.

Many individuals who are required to take money from their IRA but do not need it for living expenses have chosen to make QCDs from their IRAs to support the work of the Ursuline Sisters. This may make sense for you too!

How do I make a qualified charitable distribution to the Ursuline Provincialate?
Your QCD must be made directly from your IRA custodian to the Ursuline Provincialate on your behalf. Each financial institution has its own process for initiating a qualified charitable distribution. Many retirement plan administrators require you to use their distribution forms and comply with other requirements, so follow your financial institution’s forms and procedures to ensure you receive any potential tax benefits associated with this gift.

To make this gift to the Ursuline Provincialate, you will need the address 1338 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801. Also, you will need the Tax ID of the Provincialate, which is 13-2728523.

Note: Before making any decisions regarding significant charitable gifts we suggest that you consult with your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor. This will safeguard your interests and those of your family.

For questions, contact the Development Office at (914) 712-0060 Ext. 101 or