Before Thanksgiving 2009, the first residents of Serviam Gardens moved into their new apartments. And by Christmas, all eighty-two apartments were filled in this first phase of building. The usual quirks that accompany the opening of a new building occurred, and adjustments were made; the comfort of the residents was the priority. Serviam Gardens is one of three affordable apartment buildings for seniors. The other buildings still under construction are the two Serviam Towers connected on either side to Serviam Gardens, the center building.

Entering the bright lobby of Serviam Gardens leads, on the right, to the redesigned former St. Mary’s Hall., consisting now of service facilities including a community library and offices. On the left from the lobby is the six-floor extension of the original St. Mary’s building where the apartments are located, with elevators to the upper floors.

The colors of walls and floors are beige, with a light touch reinforced by the windows in the public spaces. The cheerful apartments consist of a kitchenette, living room, bedroom, and bath. The superintendent is in residence. A front desk at the lobby entrance is staffed. Garage space under the building is still in process.

For Serviam Towers, the work of construction continues. Occupancy of the Towers is expected in mid-year 2010, bringing a total of 243 apartments in the completed three-part complex. All will have energy efficient boilers and elevators, a usable green roof; there will be a 74-seat theater and a Wellness Center.

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