Out of Darkness

One morning early in Advent,                
I sat in the quiet darkness of my room,                
resisting the lamp switch next to me.                
It seemed good                        
just to be there,                        
waiting, in Advent mode,                        
allowing the dark,                        
allowing earth’s rhythm,                        
claiming, changing nothing,
simply aware,
one with the universe

feeling a peacefulness,
a quiet active presence,
like the seed in the ground, perhaps.

And then, the light
began to come.

It always does!
I felt a sudden gladness.
The fidelity of it!
“Sure as the dawn,” they say

Sure as seed in dark ground
opening when the time comes,
forming root and stem, climbing up out of the earth,
bearing its fruit.

Glad tidings of great joy.

“A people in darkness have seen a great Light.”

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