November Musings

Maryellen Keefe, O.S.U.


Month of endings and beginnings,
30 Days of contrast—
Falling leaves evoking thoughts of death,
warm Indian summer hinting at new life

Among November’s days of contrast are some significant ones—

November 1 All Hallows summons to celebration of saints known and unknown,
November 2 All Souls invites prayerful remembrance of those at Heaven’s gate
November 3 Martin de Porres, illegitimate, bi-racial, Dominican brother, nurses the ill in his native Peru;
November 11 Martin of Tours, Roman soldier, embracing faith in Christ, lays sword aside,
ministers as priest, then Bishop, promoting peace. His feast—fittingly chosen for Armistice Day, now Veterans’ Day, recalls the endless paradox: war and peace
November 25 Foundation of the Company of St. Ursula by Angela Merici in Brescia, Italy, 480 years ago!
November 28 Foundation of the Roman Union of Ursulines—115 years old and growing!
Amid these two,
November 26 Thanksgiving—a time for expressing gratitude—to and for the people who have graced our lives—most notably Pope Francis for his recent visit to our shores and his call to care for our earth and its peoples..
November 29 brings to conclusion another Liturgical year and bids us begin anew

And so we do: “O come, O come, Emmanuel”
Happy New Year!
Happy Advent to all.