Lenten Reflection – “What If?” by Sr. Anne Therese Dillen, OSU

Lenten Reflection

What If?
– Anne Therese Dillen, O.S.U.

What if Lent, this lengthy
entry in Spring –
bereft of birdsong
flowers, warmth:
a “fast” perhaps, but slow-

What if this unwelcome word
took on a different cast?
Instead of time without-
a time “lent” to us by God
to fill our treasure chests of clay
Borrowed time; Kairos time, tucked
within the Chronos of our day.

Would the ashes then remind us of
the stardust which we are-
promising that time, no longer borrowed,
will endure?

What if our “alleluias,” buried in
purple tones,
can still shine through that filmy veil,
to greet the Bridegroom when He comes?

What if…?