Painting of Easter Morning is a watercolor on canvas
by Sr. Anne Therese Dillen, O.S.U.

The Easter event recalls the ways God works in our world. The gentle coming of our God appears in the living and unfolding of God’s powerful love in Jesus, in his life and self-sacrifice. And his triumph over death, with the promise of our being like him in all things.

Easter Morning

Anne Therese Dillen, O.S.U.

O Spirit of Love,

Breathing over the waters,

You are womb of all creation,

Loving author of our life,

As it floats its way, rocking,

To your rhythmic motion.

From these depths we emerge,

Wailing the loss of our sweet, swaying start,

Till – hearing “Fear not; it is I,”

We grasp Love’s outstretched hand.

For He, too, washed of Friday’s blood,

Arises from the surging flood

(now gentled by His touch)

And brings us with Him, dancing,

To a breakfast on the shore.