Author Sister Irene Mahoney, resident at Andrus on Hudson, has written a book about a 98-year-old resident, Anthony (Tony) Tozzi, that developed out of their dining room conversations. A recognized author of biographies and novels, Irene realized that his story would be worth telling, and she spoke about doing a book on Tony. Tony’s reaction was “I’m gonna be a book!” His son and daughter-in-law welcomed the idea, and the project began.

The title, It’s a Beautiful Day, derives from his response to “the exhilaration of the fresh air, the glory of the massive green trees with which Andrus is surrounded. Whether it is the cold snow of January or the first spring breeze of April his response is quick and joyful. He smiles; he shakes his head a little, as though in surprise, ‘it’s a beautiful day,’ he says.”

Sr. Irene Mahoney (standing left) at her book signing at Andrus on Hudson.
Seated is Tony Tozzi the subject of Irene’s book It’s a Beautiful Day.
Standing center is Tony’s son, Eugene and to the right is Sue, Tony’s daughter-in-law.

The privately printed book begins with an account of his ancestors from the province Benevento in Italy. Emigration to the United States offered an opportunity for young men to leave their town Colle Sanita. With their various skills, they found employment, married, and raised families. And Tony’s story represents a generation that was born, went to school, worked, was drafted and served with honor and wounded in the U.S. Army for the Second World War, and returned to civilian life.

It is a story worth telling, recognizing that a single life has all the events and actions that enrich this individual and make an admirable story. Irene has captured the adventures of a life in this book, written for his family and friends.