In 115 pages, and with photographs of what she describes, Sister Marian takes the reader on a journey of discovery. She discovers in the language and customs of the people she encounters some of the richness of the human family.

Intelligence, respect, and good humor characterize her approach to varied new situations. In her accounts, she has a vision of the oneness of those who share the earth, share their stories, and strive to live in peace.

From “Prelude to the Journey”: “In lifting up the memories of those years that I learn the lessons they contain. I write of living among our indigenous Sunda-Betawi neighbors in the Peanut Garden, a neighborhood on the “other side” of the buildings and proud monuments of the capital city. I recall the time spent in the interior of Central Kalimantan, among the Dayak people, and time with the Papuan people of Big Bird island—all being marginalized in the onrushing ways of ‘modernization.’ These memories are still very much alive.”

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