On September 23rd heads of State will meet at the UN for a Global Summit on Climate Change. Before this happens thousands of people from different places in the world will come together in New York City for the People’s Climate Change March. This is scheduled for September 21st, at 11:30 beginning at Columbus Circle.

All Ursulines, associates and friends are invited to walk together behind our new Ursuline Banner to join the many inter-denominational groups that are supporting this effort.

You are invited to look at the official website for this event, www.peoplesclimate.org, to see the various groups that will be present. All kinds of artistic and dramatic moments are being created.

Some Ursulines have already added their names to the attendees. We hope to have a large group from The Ursuline School and The Academy of Mount St. Ursula.

If you can attend please email Sr. Alice Marie Giordano at giordanoamdg@aol.com.

The final plans for specific time and place to assemble will be relayed to you by email (or phone if you prefer).

We are at a most precarious point, a “tipping point”. unpredictable weather, salination of vital water sources, climate migration, drought, rising temperatures and more devastation for the poorest, all these cannot be ignored.

WE must do something. Come together with us to listen, learn and shout out together our love for this beautiful planet.