In 2015 Ursulines celebrate the anniversary of religious profession of eleven sisters. It is a time to rejoice with them on their years of dedication and with gratitude for their service, in various forms, to the people of God.

The following Ursulines are celebrating their Jubilees in 2015:

70 Years

Anne Curry
First Profession – April 27, 1945

A resident at Andrus on Hudson, Anne, formerly Mother Mary Luke, served the Ursulines in a variety of positions. In 1970-1973 she was the Provincial of the Eastern Province leading the province during a time of great change for women religious in the church. Anne has served as Tertian Director in Rome, as Provincial Councilor, as Local Superior, and in other administrative and leadership capacities for the province.

Anne made her first profession in May 1945. She began her ministry as a teacher from 1948 to 1954 at St. Philip Neri School, St. Jerome’s in the Bronx, and St. Joseph’s in Middletown. She has a bachelor’s degree from the College of New Rochelle and a Master’s degree from Fordham, both in classics; and she has certificates, from basic to advanced, in Spiritual Direction.

In all these activities, her gentle and cheerful qualities continue in her retirement at Andrus.

Irene Mahoney
First Profession – April 27, 1945

Formerly Mother Denis, Irene is the author of a variety of literary forms: books of historical fiction, novels, poetry, and a dramatic monologue. Irene’s gift of story-telling is strong and multi-dimensional, and it continues at Andrus on Hudson, where she resides, and where she recently wrote a biography of one of the residents. Related to this capability is her distinction as a teacher, primarily at the College of New Rochelle, from 1948, with intermittent teaching for 4 years at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Del, and for two years in the English department at Wen Tzao College in Taiwan. Early in her ministry she taught for 3 years at Blessed Sacrament School in New Rochelle.

Irene made her first profession in 1945. In the field of English and American literature, she holds a B.A. from the College of New Rochelle, an M.A. from Fordham University, and a Ph.D. from the Catholic University of America. She was a Visiting Scholar at Hollins College in Virginia in 1978. From 1989 she became Provincial Archivist for 9 years. Through lectures and research trips, she has traveled widely in the U.S. and abroad. In Great Falls, she developed programs on site about the Ursulines in the Montana missions. Her skill with words, written and oral, makes her conversation as well as her writing engaging and delightful. She continues in both areas in her retirement.

60 Years

Vera Marie deWolff
First Profession – January 16, 1955

Vera Marie, whose baptismal name was Ellen, made her first vows on January 16, 1955.

She first taught at the Ursuline Academy in Bethesday, MD, 1957-1960 and then at St. Joseph’s Academy in Malone, NY, 1960-1961. Since 1966 she served in the Ursuline schools in Vienna and later Salzburg in Austria. She holds a BA in French from the College of New Rochelle and a Masters in English from the Catholic University in Washington, D.C. She continues to serve in Salzburg.

Marcia Kimball
First Profession – January 16, 1955

Marcia’s first profession was on January 16, 1955. From her B.A. in chemistry from the College of New Rochelle, 1952, she has developed a many-faceted set of knowledge and skills. She holds both a Master’s in Music and a Master’s in Teaching Science from the Catholic University of America. She was a Computer Programmer at the Data Systems Center for the Archdiocese of NY from 1972-1984. Marcia studied computer programming and Intra-system Training in special workshops, using these skills for the sisters of the province. In 1996 she focused on archival studies.

As Archivist of the province, Marcia’s position makes her a storehouse of stories about the Ursulines of the past. At the same time she has been a computer consultant.

From 1955 to 1971, she taught at Blessed Sacrament School in New Rochelle, N.Y., Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Del., St. Angela’s School, Bronx, N.Y. and the Ursuline Academy in Bethesda, Md. Her multi-faceted ministries and her desire for learning continue in service to her community and the province.

Jane Mennis
First Profession – January 16, 1955

Jane, formerly Mother Mary Andrew, has served in education and in pastoral ministry since her first profession in 1955. Her years of teaching in schools of the province such as Blessed Sacrament School in New Rochelle, and St. Joseph’s in Malone, included 3 years of teaching at the American School/Ursuline School in Athens, Greece.

In 1983 Jane began her ministry in pastoral work. Parish ministry included serving as Director of Religious Education at Church of the Holy Spirit in NY, and as Pastoral Associate in St. Patrick’s in Chateagay, and in Witherbee, NY, among others. For 7 years her volunteer work included the Children’s Center at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and at the Adult Learning Center in New Rochelle. She sings in the choir at Andrus on Hudson. Jane has brought gentleness and steadfast service to what she undertakes.

Kathleen O’Connell
First Profession – January 16, 1955

After first profession on January 16, 1955, Kathleen (formerly Mother Mary Nathanael), a CNR graduate with a degree in mathematics and an M.A. in Religious Education from the Catholic University of America, began teaching at The Ursuline School in New Rochelle. After 5 years there, she taught at the recently founded Ursuline Academy in Dedham, Mass. She holds an M.A. in School Guidance and Counseling from Hunter College, and she became Superior of the Ursuline Academy in Bethesda, where she also taught. At the end of her term there, and after tertianship in Rome, she served as guidance counselor at The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, then at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Del. From 1990-1996 she was Assistant Treasurer of the province.

She recalls with warm appreciation her years as a staff member at the Ursuline Center in Great Falls, Montana, 2001 to 2004. When she returned to the community of St. Teresa, she became a Hospice volunteer at retirement-home groups for 7 years. Since then she has brought her skills and experience to serving and enriching the community with efficiency and genial willingness.

Marjorie Stumpf
First Profession – January 16, 1955

Professed in 1955, Marjorie has served in a variety of ways both at home and abroad. She was known as Mother David Marie when she began years of teaching in Ursuline schools: Ursuline Academy in Bethesda, Md, Our Lady of Mercy in the Bronx, Notre Dame School and St. Joseph’s Academy in Malone. She holds an M.A. in English as well as a B.A. in Speech from the College of New Rochelle. From 1964 to 1971 she taught at Ursuline schools in Bangkok and Chiengmai in Thailand.

When she returned to the U.S., she earned an M.A. in Religious Studies at the Catholic University of America, then made tertianship in Rome. Her next years of service were devoted to education in Malone and Ogdensburg, NY, and Dedham, Mass. After earning an M.L.S. in Library Science in 1990, she became a librarian. Between stints as librarian at St. Savior and later at St. Philip Neri School in the Bronx, she was a docent for 13 years at the N.Y. Botanical Gardens. Her knowledge about and love of trees blend with her love of poetry and quiet reflection.

50 Years

Mary Virginia Orna
First Profession – March 24, 1965

Mary Virginia, who made first profession of vows on March 24, 1965, was Professor of Chemistry at the College of New Rochelle from 1966 to 1997 and is Scientist in Residence there.

While teaching there, she did ground-breaking research, and she continues to do papers and lectures on the chemistry of color. At the Chemical Heritage Foundation she became editor and director of educational service in 1997, then a Senior Fellow and editor-at-large.

She has contributed to her field of chemistry through articles, books, and lectures, as a panelist and officer holder, in learned societies, particularly at the Journal of Chemical Education. From 2008 to 2014 Mary Virginia directed the Roman Union website in Rome. Her professional achievements and her service to the community are accomplishments of her years of service.

Joan Woodcome
First Profession – March 24, 1965

Joan, formerly Mother Mary Anthony, made her first profession of vows on March 24, 1965. For most of her religious life, she has served in education, while being called to other activities and responsibilities during those years.

In 1967 Joan taught at Blessed Sacrament School. In 1971 she began her long career at The Ursuline School: she taught from 1971 to 1974 and then served as Assistant Principal for 23 years. She next worked in the Finance Office there for 12 years, after which she returned to teaching and later directed special projects. Meanwhile she contributed to other Ursuline Schools, on Boards of Trustees at the Academy of Mount St. Ursula and Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, and at the College of New Rochelle. The province has tapped her expertise for committee service and at present also as a Provincial Councilor. Faithful service and dependability are characteristics she has brought to all the positions in which she has served.

Josephine De Pietro
First Profession – June 18, 1965

Josephine made her first profession of vows on June 18, 1965. From there she went to the House of Studies in Washington, DC, and she earned a Master’s degree in Education at the Catholic University of America. Her B.A. in German is from the College of New Rochelle.

Josephine began her ministry of teaching at St. Joseph’s School in Middletown, NY where she served for two years. She was assigned to teach at St. Philip Neri School in the Bronx in 1970, where she taught until 1999. She then was a Teacher’s Aide at St. Ann’s School for 6 years. During these years she was a member of the Bedford Park community located in the Bronx. In 2007 the community moved to New Rochelle. In 1993 Josephine was part of the Angela Program in Italy where the participants studied and visited places where St. Angela had lived in Rome, Desenzano, and Brescia. In her retirement Josephine does community service in the newly formed Community at the Province Center.

Bernadette MacKay
First Profession – August 15,1965

Bernadette made her first vows on August 15, 1965. She began her ministry in education in Georgetown, Guyana where she taught and served at St. Agnes School as principal. From there she became principal at St. Angela’s School in Barbados, followed by principal at Merici Academy in Caracas, serving also as superior of those communities.

After tertianship in Rome, Bernadette attended Fordham University and earned a Masters degree in Religious Education. After teaching for 3 years in New York, she undertook a ministry in Apopka, Florida, through the Office of Farm Workers, serving as Youth Coordinator. She became Director of the World Missions Office in the diocese of Orlando. Her work has focused on building a sister relationship with the diocese of the Dominican Republic to educate and reach out to serve the peoples’ needs.