TRYPTYCH (Paschal Mystery)

Anne Therese Dillen, OSU


TRYPTYCH3 Behold the Man:

Eyes blurred with tears,
Bearing countless years
Of man’s contempt for God –
Whipped, wounded, torn –
Scapegoat for us all.

Behold the Cross:

Sad torture-tree –
Instrument of pain:
From crib to cross He came,
Determined to the end –
Sacrificed for all.

Behold the Christ:

All golden now –
Eyes wide, alive!
Waiting there in morning light –
Amazing sight —
For those He came to feed.

Behold all three:

For Lent is all –
A three-act play –
The pain, the death, the Crown:
Inextricably bound
For those who come to pray.