China Dreams is a novel by Irene Mahoney, who taught English language at a college in Taiwan. Her experience there opened horizons regarding human interaction in a global society. In this fictional narrative, the first-person narrator goes to Taiwan as a teacher, where she faces the sharp differences between her American culture and that of the people she encounters at Ho Ping school. The narrative form enables a personal look at how interaction between different perspectives, customs, and histories plays out in everyday living.

Sister Irene Mahoney is the author of historical biographies including that of Marie of the Incarnation, Henry of Navarre, and Catherine de Medici. She has written accounts of the founding of Ursuline communities and ministries in China, Thailand, and Montana. Her fiction writing includes four novels including a mystery, Seven Sons, and most recently Solo Voices: A Novel of Forgiveness.

Currently retired, Irene Mahoney continues to write. She is presently living on the campus of The College of New Rochelle with a community of Ursuline Sisters.

Marie of the Incarnation: Mystic and Missionary
Royal Cousin: The Life of Henry of Navarre
Madame Catherine: The Life of Catherine de Medici
Seven Sons
Accidental Grace
Marie of the Incarnation: Selected Writings
Far from Home
A Company of Women
Swatow: Ursulines in China
A Far Country
Lady Blackrobes
Encounters: A Book of Memories
Solo Voices: A Novel of Forgiveness

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