• Parish Ministry builds and empowers community among believers by religious education and preparation for the sacraments for children and adults, planning liturgical celebrations, visiting homebound parishioners, and the myriad of services that create a vibrant parish life.
  • Health Care and Drug Rehabilitation Services, whether midwifery, spiritual counseling, hospital chaplaincy, rehab counseling, ministering to the vulnerable, the ill, and the dying, such as AIDS patients, recovering addicts, the elderly infirm, and children.
  • The Arts and Writing contribute to the quality of life for both the faith and civic communities. The arts and writing humanize the social environment and enrich the individual imagination. Painting, photography, ceramics, music and song, dramatic presentations, educational and historical books, and spiritual and reflective works engage truth in creative forms.
  • Spiritual Direction and Retreat Work deepen the spiritual life of those in search of meaning within the Christian religious tradition. Individual spiritual counseling, individual and group retreat work, and presentations at workshops and conferences transmit the spirituality of prayer and contemplation, of human wholeness, and the quest for finding God in all things.
  • Care for Senior Citizens, the Elderly and Infirmed encompasses attentiveness to their various needs, whether basics like food and shelter, or health, enrichment, spirituality, and companionship. Some sisters serve in Hospice care. The work of these ministries is provided in nursing care facilities, senior centers, parishes, or homes.
  • Songcatchers Inc. in New Rochelle, NY, educates diverse children and youth in choral and instrumental music and Kindermusik – to learn the skills of personal development, public performance, team building, and the power of art.



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